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What is depression (causes and treatment)?

Have you ever experienced symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety or any  mental illness? Do you feel like you are trapped in a mental prison cell unable to escape? Would you like the scientifically proven key to achieve true inner happiness and eliminate your depression forever?

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This is quite similar to sadness that surrounds a person due to many personal issues or maybe other problems, but it causes a lot of problems such as a person starts avoiding and disliking pleasure activities. However, the exact cause for the disorder is unknown but is related to problems caused due to issues in personal and cooperative life.

There are a great many possible causes for depression. Frequently, depression is caused by an organic (chemical) or physiological cause. Possible organic causes include food allergies, heavy metals, prescription drugs, illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. Depression can also be caused by preexisting physical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, and nutritional deficiencies.

You have no doubt heard about depression. Depression is an illness that displays symptoms of sadness and lack of motivation as well as a great many other symptoms. Some of these symptoms can be physical and cause the sufferer a great deal of pain. What is the difference between depression and clinical depression?

Just because someone is sad does not mean that they are suffering from depression. The symptoms of depression must be around for a specific period of time before an official diagnosis can be made. There are a number of symptoms that go along with depression beside sadness. They can experience changes in their eating and sleeping patterns, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, fatigue and an inability to enjoy the things that once gave them pleasure.

A depressive disorder is often a burial plot sickness in which affects daily living and also ruins families. It’s a condition that regulates the mind as well as functions creating a decrease of desire for food, sleeplessness, mood swings, along a deep perception involving lose heart.

10 common signs and symptoms of depression

The particular symptoms of depression are usually varied and also the seriousness adjustments with time. As well as, according to experts depressive disorder is definitely a learned dysfunction, or even a result of life-threatening illnesses, or anxiety. Other leads to are specific conditions, drugs, medicines, booze, or perhaps emotional conditions. Women are noticed to try out depression symptoms over males and this will be due to hormones, period changes, maternity, miscarriage, pre-menopause, and also post-menopause.

Frequent signs are usually:

– An unshakeable depression, nervousness, as well as useless.

– Overwhelming hopelessness combined with gloomy feelings.

– Extreme remorse, feelings of fretfulness, no impression.

– Loss of energy, a reduction regarding metabolic rate, and activity amounts. Staying affected by regular exhaustion.

– A impression involving fretfulness in addition to an ever-increasing lack of concentration along with indecisiveness.

– Lack of sound sleep as well as growth and development of severe sleep loss.

– Inexplicable weight-loss or putting on weight. Brought on by simply loss in appetite or even eating binges.

– Brooding and taking once life inclinations.

– Irritability, quick mood, as well as uneasiness.

– Physical illnesses are similar to problems, digestive complaints, and also long-term pain regarding absolutely no distinct explanation.

Bipolar disorder or manic depression is characterized by mood swings that range from severe depression to manic euphoria. The changes in mood can come very quickly or during weeks or months. The severity of the illness will depend on the rapidity of the cycling mood swings.

Dysthimia is very similar to depression but it is milder in its symptoms. It will still need treatment if the condition lasts over a period.

Postpartum depression occurs after the birth of a child. The hormonal imbalance combined with the stress of having a new baby in the home might be the cause of this particular form of depression. It can become extremely severe in some cases and should be treated before the illness spirals out of control.

The seasonal affective disorder occurs when the person feels sadness and depression during different seasons of the year. Typically, the winter and fall seasons produce this form of depression and the link has been made to the lack of sunlight during these seasons.

Cyclothemia is very similar to bipolar disorder but is less severe in the moods that are felt. The changes will still happen, but the euphoria is not as intense and the depression is not as severe. Treatment should still be sought for this mental disorder.

One of the most common forms of depression is that which is accompanied by anxiety. Anxiety produces a great deal of stress and panic among people who are suffering from it. Anxiety is something that all people are capable of feeling. It is the body’s response to situations that allow the person to be more aware and alert to their current conditions. It becomes a problem when there is no cause for anxiety and the normal stresses of everyday life begin to cause severe reactions. It is thought that there is a biological link to these conditions. There are people who have brain chemistry that make them prone to this type of illness.

There are also different types of anxiety and depression that should be diagnosed. Generalized anxiety disorder is a bit more difficult than simple anxiety. The people who suffer from this disorder will suffer from anxiety attacks and panic. They will not be able to sleep or relax and have a difficult time concentrating on their activities. On top of that, they may be suffering from depression.

It is necessary for those who are suffering from these conditions and symptoms to consult with a good therapist. A treatment plan can be arranged so that there can be some relief from the symptoms.

Medications VS depressive disorders

Many people who are experiencing depression never get the treatment that will help them to feel better. The treatment of depression is much more than trying to cheer up someone who is sad; the treatment must include some sort of behavior or talk therapy to be successful. In addition to talk therapy, medications like Zoloft, Prozac, Revia can help a great deal. Zoloft is also sometimes used in the treatment of anxiety along with depression.

Prozac comes in a variety of strengths. This allows the doctor and patient to find the right dosage that will help them through their depression. This is the reason that many doctors favor the use of this drug because it is very easy to monitor and adjust the dosage.

Ask your doctor any questions you might have about the use of Revia for your particular condition. There are a number of questions that many people ask before they begin their treatment with medication. Some of them include how long it will take to begin working and how important is it to follow the dosing instructions carefully.

Prozac (Fluoxetine) Zoloft (Sertraline) Lexapro (Escitalopram) Revia (Naltrexone)
Prozac is a drug that has antidepressant properties. Thanks to it, the work of the nervous system is stabilized, and the General condition of the patient improves. Zoloft is actually one of a group of medications that are known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. A powerful drug in the treatment of depression. A lot of positive feedback. Lexapro is an antidepressant from the group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Effective for patients with depression who simultaneously suffer from tardive dyskinesia. Revia is also related to the potent opioid antagonist, naloxone, or n-allylnoroxymorphone, naltrexone hydrochloride. Revia is a leader in the treatment of alcohol addiction
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The doctor will control and monitor the effects of Lexapro with the dosing instructions. It is better to let the doctor increase the dosage or decrease it if there are any side effects noticed. You should never take this or any other prescription medication unless you are under the care of a doctor. Self-medication is never appropriate as only a doctor can diagnose and treat depression with medication.

If depression is left untreated, it will begin to affect all aspects of the person’s life. Their mood will change dramatically and all the things that they once enjoyed will be removed from their life. The insidious part of depression is that it is very difficult for the depressed person to even realize that it is happening. They only feel as though there is no hope for the pain and agony that they are going through. Seeking treatment for this is almost an impossible task.

Postpartum depression

You should understand what is behind postpartum depression to fully understand what the illness is all about. The first thing that can cause postpartum depression is the stress of being pregnant. When there is a child that is growing inside your body, you might become overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for the health of the child.

Postpartum depression happens after the birth of a baby. The symptoms of the illness are very similar to depression. The difference is the reasons why postpartum depression happens.

The first reason that a woman might experience postpartum depression is the physical effect of childbirth on her body. Having a child and giving birth is one of the single most difficult things that the body can endure. There are also hormonal effects of giving birth to a child. After a baby is born, the mother’s body is undergoing some difficult hormonal changes that might cause the depression that is experienced. The stress of having a new baby in the house is another cause of postpartum depression. The care of a newborn infant can be extremely stressful. There is a lack of sleep and the constant demands of the new child. While many women handle these stresses quite well, some women have difficulty and suffer from postpartum depression.

Getting treatment for this form of depression is very important. In fact, it is extremely important that the woman seek treatment immediately if she is feeling any of the depression symptoms. Postpartum depression can spiral out of control if it is not treated effectively. There have been cases of women murdering their children because of postpartum depression turning into psychosis. There is treatment available for this type of depression that can be very effective. Cognitive behavior therapy along with medication is one of the best treatment plans to help new mothers through this difficult part of their lives.

There is hope, however. When the depressed person gets to the doctor and obtains a diagnosis, treatment can begin, and they will begin to feel better again in a relatively short period of time. There should be a combination of medication and therapy when treatment is planned. It is important that all the appointments be kept and medication should be taken in the manner that the doctor prescribes.

This article was written by Dr. Andrew Gordon, M.D. in neurology and psychotherapy; Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of Washington, Law, and Humanities Committee of the American Academy of Neurology, and chair of the Ethics Committee of Northwest Hospital.
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