Remember when you were a child and you had nothing to worry about? No bills, no job to have to go to, none of the adults worries that we, as grownups, face every day. How fun was your life back then without having any childhood depression? Every day was new and exciting and you looked forward to getting out of bed to start your day of fun.

But was it really that way? Was every day one full of bliss and fun? Today’s world is vastly different and the children are feeling the stresses and troubles of the world causing childhood depression in kids.

Depression is not just something that adults suffer from; children suffer from depression as well. The major problem with childhood depression is that children can’t talk about their depression because they don’t know what it is they are experiencing. That is why it is so important that the adults in the child’s life are diligent and watch for the signs of childhood depression in their child.

The stresses that trouble us as adults have huge consequences for our children. It may not be visible to you but kids could be silently suffering childhood depression. Children can feel, and hear, our distress when feeling it. A divorce or job loss may be highly traumatic for us as adults, but our children feel those stresses as well. Not to mention the problems that arise if the child has a learning problem is being abused, lives in poverty, or is neglected. These factors all can lead to a child becoming depressed hence developing childhood depression.

But even the child who has the perfect life and is loved and has none of these problems can become depressed. Just like adults, depression can strike anybody.

Depression is caused by an imbalance in the brain and is a biologically based illness. This means that anything, even something as simple as not being chosen for a sports team, can lead to the child succumb to childhood depression.

A child has a much different view of the world than we do. As adults, we have learned the ways the world works, but children have not figured that out yet and even the smallest thing can send them into a depressed state. Children do not have the proper terms or words that we have as adults, so the feelings they are going through are hard for them to tell us about. This can lead to the child suffering from childhood depression because they may feel that they are not normal, or stupid, which is not true, but that is how they may begin to feel.

As an adult in a child’s life, you have to be aware of your child’s moods and ask questions if his or her actions or moods change. Children can and do become depressed. We have to make sure we are there to help them so that they don’t have to go through childhood depression and understand that they are normal and that there is help for them.

Only a qualified mental health professional can make the actual diagnosis, but parents should be on the lookout for certain symptoms or behaviors that occur when a child is suffering from depression. Not all children will exhibit all of these symptoms.

What is the cause of this disorder at an early age?

– Grief and demoralization. These terms can cause a lot of problems in an individual’s life and can even lead to suicide attempts too. When we are going through the teenage period, there are many expectations we have from our life, even our parents want us to do better than before and today we know that we are supposed to run and leave others behind. Individuals who cannot bear this pressure are more likely to suffer this problem. This problem does not occur in less intelligent students but as per the latest statistics, this problem is occurring with teenagers having a lot of expectations in life and who cannot resist failure in life.

– Genetic factors are also responsible for this disorder. Genetic means if a child is having a depression problem since his/her birth that means he/she got it in his/her genes from his/her parents. Many environmental factors do contribute to this depressive disorder.

Cure or treatment

Treatment options for children with depression are the same as those for adults with the disorder. Psychotherapy and/or medication have shown to be the most effective interventions. Supportive parenting is also strongly indicated.

Over the past 12 months, US doctors have prescribed antidepressants to 15 million young patients. Paxil, Prozak, Zoloft, and Lexapro, known as “the best helpers in fighting bad mood,” are leading the list of top-selling drugs on the territory of the United States.

Today, doctors prescribe antidepressants even to children. Most often for children and adolescents, Paxil and Lexapro are prescribed. According to the results of scientific research, Lexapro has proven its effectiveness and safety in the treatment of depression and other mental disorders in children. Lexapro (escitalopram oxalate) against depressive disorders.

There are no labs or other means to treat the problem of depressive disorder. The doctors suggest that in this condition the patient will require a lot of attention and support, especially if he or she has tried to commit suicide or drinks a lot of alcohol.

Another best way to treat this disorder is undergoing psychotherapy meant for the patients suffering from a major depressive disorder. If your child is suffering from symptoms of depressive disorder, then he/she can recover with the drugs prescribed by the doctors.

Natural cures for children mood disorders

Nowadays, people are eager to learn more about natural cures for depression, especially for their kids. Depression is a disorder of the mind and the means of treatment that you employ has a lot to do with how soon it will take effect in getting rid of the depression. People who took the medicine for depression would like to feel the effect immediately but often it takes a longer time to calm them down. Depression is a very serious mental disorder that needs immediate cure or prevention.

When you search for natural cures for depression, you should know what kind of depression your children are suffering from. There are many natural cures for depression and these are very safe and effective. They also cost less. These are good enough reasons why you may want to choose to treat the problem naturally.

Since using natural cures for depression are safe, you may try them without fear or apprehension.

The use of bright light therapy is considered among the better natural cures for depression.

Other natural cures for depression include 5-HTP and L-Threonine and skullcap. Skullcap is rich in minerals and is considered an excellent natural cure for depression.

This article was written by Dr. Andrew Gordon, M.D. in neurology and psychotherapy; Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of Washington, Law, and Humanities Committee of the American Academy of Neurology, and chair of the Ethics Committee of Northwest Hospital.
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