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What is generic Prozac and how it uses?

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Prozac (Fluoxetine) is the first in the list of the most commonly prescribed antidepressants. Many people around the world use this product to alleviate the symptoms of various disorders.

Prozac belongs to the energizers of the clinical pharmacological group. This medicine accepts at depressions of different types, compulsive frustration and bulimia of a nervous etiology and at a premenstrual syndrome. This medicine is effective at chronic headaches. It can improve mood.

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The efficiency of preparation is especially significant at different types of phobias. Prozac possesses distinct antipsychotic action with a stimulating component. It is deprived of the antiallergenic, blocking adrenaline and anticholinergic effects inherent in classical tricyclic energizers.

Prozac (fluoxetine hydrochloride) gained popularity thanks to a combination of anti-depressive and stimulating action. Against reception of this means at patients the mood improves, level of depression, alarm and dysphoria decrease. The medicine has a rather long half-decay period (till 60 o’clock).

Prozac is one of the most popular SSRI antidepressants (ie, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). From the very beginning of production, Prozac became very popular. It was assisted with the efficiency of preparation in the treatment of depression. A lot of patients around the world have chosen this antidepressant as a weapon in the struggle against depression, its help was productive.

Prozac has confirmed its high level in a lot of researches on the treatment of qualms and depression. One of the tests of this kind has found that approximately 60% of patients taking this medicine began to feel less anxious, continued living in their usual mode. This fact once again proves the effectiveness of Prozac at the abolition of psychological problems. Particular attention should be paid to drug and alcohol addiction. If Prozac does not help get rid of the addiction, then the doctor may prescribe stronger medicine.

Prozac has no side effects by which former types of antidepressants were characterized. For example, dependence is not developed at its use. One more advantage of this product is that its overdoses, as a rule, do not cause fatal cases. Recently the registration of side effects becomes more widespread as more and more patients inform on personal observations. Statistics confirm that because of the side effects of Fluoxetine Hcl fewer people refuse it than other antidepressants. As we see, Prozac is a very effective tool in the struggle against depression and other disorders that cause less harm to your health than other medicines. But still, before its use, it is necessary to address to the doctor.

Dosage and how to take Prozac

Before the application of this medicine read attentively the instruction. Consult with the doctor. It is recommended to accept Prozac once a day inside regardless of food intake, washing down with a water glass.

To patients with a depression appoint a dose in Prozac 20 mg/day. Suffering nervous bulimia and to elderly people – Prozac 60 mg/day for three receptions, at compulsive frustration – from 20 mg/day to 60 mg/day. The plan of treatment lasts on an average of 3-4 weeks. In 21 days the preparation should start to operate.

For patients with premenstrual syndrome a daily dose – 20 g. Patients with violations of work of a liver should reduce day norm of preparation and reduce the frequency of reception. At the discretion of the doctor, it is possible to reduce a dose or to increase. Independently don’t increase daily norm, it is fraught with overdose. Maximum the dose of 80 mg/day for 2-3 receptions is considered. Prozac is not necessary to accept at the same time with other preparations of similar action.

To women who are in a situation and are going to have a baby, it is necessary to consult with the doctor concerning the application of this medicine. Prozac can negatively affect pregnancy a fruit. The influence of this medicine was studied only on animals and though any deviations it was not revealed, appoint means to women bearing the child in exceptional cases.

During treatment, it is necessary to carry out medical (psychiatric) examinations for the purpose of tracking of results and possible side effects.

Other precautionary measures. Fluoxetine how it works?

Prozac treats a group of energizers. When using Prozac observe a dosage. Independently don’t increase a dose. The emergence of any negative side effects addresses the doctor. Familiarize with medicines (Olanzapine, etc) that shouldn’t be accepted together with Prozac.

With care should treat the application of a medicine elderly people as there are only inexact data concerning the efficiency and safety of Prozac at their treatment. If after the term of use of this medicine it was not received any effect from medicine, refrain from its further application.

It is necessary to consider that Prozac can cause dizziness when lifting from a lying or sitting position. If you need to get out of bed, at first to reduce foot and a few sits, then accurately and slowly rise. If it is necessary to rise from a chair, do it slowly and, having risen, it is a little, holding back.

Stop reception Prozac and address to the doctor if you had a skin rash. At dryness emergence in a mouth, drink waters. In case it doesn’t help and dryness will last more than 2 weeks, consult with the doctor.

At the application, Prozac refuses the use of alcoholic beverages and observes other precautionary measures. Prozac, as well as the most part of psychotropic drugs, increases the toxic effect of alcohol drinks by an organism. First, suffer a brain (consciousness loss, panic attacks, spasms, disorientation), a system of blood circulation and heart (vacuities, tachycardia). There can be system violations in the work of respiratory organs.

While you don’t define, how Prozac affects an organism, don’t get into the car a vehicle.

During pregnancy a preparation appoint only in extreme cases. If there are suspicions that you are in a situation, report about it to the doctor before drug intake. Feeding mothers should refrain from reception Prozac as it is found in chest milk. It is not necessary to accept a preparation to children and teenagers. The effect of the medicine on a children’s organism isn’t studied still.

Tell to the doctor if you observe diseases of kidneys or a liver, an allergy to medicines, suicide attempts, epilepsy, diabetes, and diseases or injuries of a brain.


This article was written by Dr. Andrew Gordon, M.D. in neurology and psychotherapy; Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of Washington, Law, and Humanities Committee of the American Academy of Neurology, and chair of the Ethics Committee of Northwest Hospital.
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