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Revia: oral drug for substance abuse recovery

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Binge drinking is defined as consuming 5 or more alcoholic beverages in a short period. Health risks associated with alcohol addiction are liver damage, pancreatitis and literally shrinking of the brain. Alcohol use is the second leading cause of dementia; one simply ages quicker on alcohol. Women are affected differently than men by alcohol due to the fact that women appear to have reduced levels of the gastric enzyme that metabolizes alcohol – in short, it leaves their system more slowly.

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Drugs have an even more terrible effect on humans. At the first doses of the drug, the body perceives it as a foreign substance that it does not need. Further, the body gets used, because the drug, as if deceiving it, begins to participate in metabolic processes, instead of natural substances. In a word, the drug takes root in the body and it can no longer function normally without it. Accordingly, if you take away the drug from the body, stop taking it, then the person will be very ill. This is a physical addiction. It encourages a person to take it again and again. Addiction is a huge harm to health.

Getting free from opiates and alcohol is a serious business. For proof, ask any opiate addict to give up their habit for a week. By day four, their body is in full-on rebellion. This is the point where most “cold-turkey” quitting methods fail.

What is Revia medication? Benefits of Revia (naltrexone)

Naltrexone (or ‘blocker’) is a narcotic antagonist; it blocks the effects of heroin (and all other opiates) by blocking the opiate receptors within the brain. When taken orally, its effects last up to two days. It may also reduce cravings. In tablet form, Naltrexone has been used in Britain, America, and Europe for over three decades.

Naltrexone is an opioid receptor antagonist that was approved by the FDA in 2006 to treat alcohol and opioid dependence.

One of the most important benefits of Revia drug is that it effectively reduces the occurrence of cravings for addictive substances. Medication-assisted treatment, such as Naltrexone, will work to reduce cravings of opioid and alcohol use when taken as part of a supported treatment plan. Medication, counseling, and family support are the three magic ingredients toward successful addiction recovery.

The fact that Revia is a powerful tool to aid in the recovery from addiction has already been established. It intervenes to shut off cravings, interrupting the pattern of behavior. The recovering addict then can follow through with the substitution of healthier, more positive behaviors. The hardest part of addiction recovery is deciding to break your addiction. No part of recovery will be easy, but once you invent your mind to start living a healthy, addiction-free life, you can get help.

Revia is extremely effective in blocking opiates but will not make the person feel ill if opiates are taken, they simply will have no effect and therefore are a waste of money. If opiates are used during the use of Naltrexone they will show up as positive in the urine sample you provide to the doctor. In contrast to this, if Revia medication is given to a person who has not withdrawn from all opiates, he/she will experience sudden severe symptoms of opiate withdrawal and be very ill indeed. This may necessitate them being admitted to the hospital. Some patients have “tried out” the drug to see if it works, but then stop after a few attempts. We strongly advise against this practice, as the purpose of the implant is to enable the person to commit to opiate withdrawal. (What you need to know about alcohol and narcotics abuse)

Does Revia work while taking drugs or alcohol?

With oral administration, the absorption process occurs almost 100%. The drug prevents the development of a dangerous dependence on heavy narcotic substances such as heroin, morphine and other opiates. 50 mg of the drug during the day paralyzes the effect of 25 mg of heroin injected into the vein. Long-term use of the drug does not lead to addiction and the development of the effect of dependence. Because of the parallel administration of the chemical product and opiates, histamine secretion is activated, which externally manifests itself in the form of a rash, itching, and facial flushing. After the administration of Revia patients with opioid dependence exhibit withdrawal symptoms. With alcoholism, the effect of endorphins is suppressed, which leads to the abandonment of the use of ethyl and the prevention of a relapse within 6 months after a 12-week course of therapy. The results of treatment are determined by the patient’s desire to get rid of the harmful pathology.

When using Revia you should have withdrawn from all opiates for at least 5 – 7 days before your first dose. You cannot become physically dependent on Revia and it does not produce any euphoric effects.

Taking Naltrexone means that all opiates are blocked and therefore, they are ineffective as a form of pain relief. Many forms of analgesia and cough preparations are opiate-based – if in doubt ask the chemist. In the event of any accidents or post-operative pain relief, there are many pain-relieving drugs that can be used instead of opiates.



Turning over a new leaf can happen to anyone at any moment. It is not true that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. Also, people learn to live their lives using new tricks all the time. Recovery from addiction is no simple task. There is a physical element in addiction that must be overcome with medical support; there are also emotional and social elements that need their own forms of support. People who buy Revia online are getting physical support quickly and efficiently.

Once a person has taken the first step to break their addiction cycle they are on their way to a new and beautiful life. Like balancing on a tight rope, the road to recovery is a slow and careful process. You put one foot in front of the other and breathe; then, when you have regained your balance, you bravely take the next step. With the aid of Naltrexone, a person who has already stopped using alcohol can maintain their balance through focused determination. Sobriety is achieved with the support of counselors, therapists, groups and approved pharmaceuticals. Take the step to buy Naltrexone online today so you can put yourself on the path to recovery.

When a person is addicted to a substance, whether it is caffeine, alcohol, or drugs, their whole person hood adapts to the addiction and becomes dependent on the addictive substance for happiness and pleasure. Naltrexone is a great drug used to aid in addiction recovery for anyone who has already gone through the withdrawal and made the choice to stop using. Fortunately, these days it is possible to buy Revia online and have it delivered right to your door.

This article was written by Dr. Andrew Gordon, M.D. in neurology and psychotherapy; Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of Washington, Law, and Humanities Committee of the American Academy of Neurology, and chair of the Ethics Committee of Northwest Hospital.
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